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This is my Blog as I visit India to help find a new home for the orphans of CCCHILDRENS HOME.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

First week

Arrived last monday to Chennai, and was met at the airport by orphange director and... 5 of the children with jazmin flowers!! On the way to Mahabalipuram (mamallapuram) baby Stephan got sick and we had to stop on the middle of the road...
I am staying with my Indian family at their restaurant, same than last year.
I went to see the new space for the orphanage, the second and third floors of a building. It looked quite runned down to me but better that the current place, which is extremly unsafe since the owner of the building has alredy started construction.
I agreed to pay the rent money for the first year, but I am not happy with the amount they are asking for the security depostit and contract conditions, so I will meet with the lawyer of my friend's Dad (thank you Raj) for advice.
In the meantime and starting tomorrow i will be doing the daily grocery shopping for the children in the morning and make sure they have a nutritious meal in the evening.
This evening I am taking Vijay2 to the doctor (he has a hole in his head after landing on in)
Sometime this week I will also go to Chennai to buy clothes for the kids, he one they are wearing are all ripped and held by safety pins.
Not much more to report, lots of delicious chai and street food (my most favourite but not feeling too well today... ) and some Ayurvedic massages in between.
Miss NY and my bathtop,